A stock I own is acquired


Will the stock be removed from my account? 

The stock will remain in your portfolio until you manually remove it.  


Will this disrupt trading on my account? 

The trading system still works while you have an inactive stock in your portfolio. However, you cannot place buy or sell orders for an inactive stock as it is no longer trading.  


How do I receive cash or stock from the merger? 

If the company is merging and you are entitled to receive cash or stock, this will happen automatically in your M1 Invest Account. 

Cash: Cash received will be automatically applied to your account’s cash balance. If Auto-Invest is on, the funds may be allocated and re-invested into your portfolio. 

Stock: In the event this occurs, you may add a Slice in your pie that corresponds with the received security. In the event your symbol is not added to your portfolio, the new symbol will be received and placed outside your Pie. 


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