Pending vs. final transactions

When you use your M1 Checking Visa™ Debit Card, you might see a pending transaction in the “Transactions” section of the Spend tab. The amount shown is a temporary “hold” to cover the cost of the purchase.  

Once the purchase amount is finalized, the pending transaction is removed and replaced by the final transaction amount. 

Though the pending transaction amount usually equals the final transaction amount, it is possible for the two to differ. 

Some merchants may markup transactions to cover incidentals like holds for gas or hotels.  

This means that the pending transaction/hold amount may be larger than the final amount that you must pay. When this happens, only the final transaction amount is deducted from your account 

If the pending transaction amount is greater than your available Checking Account balance, the transaction will be declined. 

However, in some cases the pending transaction amount will be for less than the final transaction amount. In this case, the transaction amount will change once the merchant processes the transaction. 


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