Rebalance individual pies and entire portfolio

You can rebalance both an individual Pie and your entire portfolio.


Individual Pie

To rebalance an individual Pie, select the individual Pie from your portfolio and request a rebalance by clicking the “rebalance” button below the Pie. This will rebalance the selected Pie only.



To rebalance your entire portfolio, request the rebalance when viewing your full portfolio. This will rebalance all Pies within your portfolio.

Keep in mind that rebalancing your portfolio will only bring the Slices at the top level to their target percentages; in other words, if your portfolio is made up of several Pies, the Pies will be brought to their target percentages but the Slices within those Pies will likely remain under or overweight.


* Please keep in mind that any time you rebalance a Pie or your portfolio you will generally be initiating a series of buy and sell transactions. Usually, every sale of a security has tax implications which may be a gain or a loss.

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