My transferred security was liquidated

When preparing for a transfer into M1, you will need to add the stocks and funds you are transferring to your current portfolio. 

If you transfer a stock that is not in your target portfolio, it is liquidated and the proceeds will be reinvested into your current portfolio.* 

However, if you update your target portfolio to contain the stocks you transferred, the stocks will be added to your portfolio. Securities that are not supported by M1 will be liquidated. Learn what securities are supported by M1. 

If you transferred in mutual funds, they will be sold at the end of the day and the proceeds will be placed in your cash balance for the next trade window. 

Our transfers team will communicate what securities need to be added before trading is resumed.  

You will have 60 days to make sure your transferred securities are added to your pie. If we do not receive a response from you within 60 days, your account will be un-paused and any transferred securities not added to your pie will be sold during the next trading window and reinvested into your portfolio. 

*We charge to liquidate some securities that are transferred to M1. Please refer to our fee disclosures for liquidation fees. 


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