Two Factor Authentication

At M1, we are committed to protecting your account. We work diligently to monitor your accounts for unauthorized access, however the most powerful method for account protection is Two-factor Authentication (2FA). 


What is 2FA? 

At M1, our Two-factor Authentication utilizes an authenticator app to add extra protection to your account. 

When you enable 2FA, you will need both your M1 password and a generated code from the authenticator app to gain access to your account.  

During setup, you will configure the authenticator app (on your phone or computer) so that it can generate “one-time” codes that change every 30 seconds. When you log in, you will enter both your password and a code generated by the authenticator app. 


Why do I need 2FA? 

2FA is an additional layer of security that you can use to prevent unauthorized access.  

If your password or the email associated to your account is compromised, the attacker would be stopped without access to the device with the authenticator app. It is the equivalent of using a debit card with a PIN. 


How do I enable 2FA? 

To enable 2FA on your M1 account, follow these steps. 

  1. Go to View Account Settings. 
  2. Go to Security. 
  3. Click the button to turn on Two-factor Authentication. 
  4. Follow the prompts. 


How do I use 2FA? 

Once you have gone through the setup process you will need to enter the 2FA code every time you log in. 

You’ll find the 2FA code inside the authenticator appIt is not sent to your phone via text. Simply enter the code into the M1 website or mobile app when prompted. 


Why is my Google Authenticator code Not Working?

Your Google Authenticator codes may be out of sync.

Navigate to your Google Authenticator app’s main menu:

  1. Tap more
  2. Settings
  3. "Time correction for codes"
  4. Sync now


Disabling 2FA

Contact us to disable 2FA. 

You do not need to disable 2FA to reset your password.


Learn more ways to protect your account by viewing our security recommendations. 


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