Create individual/ manual orders

In addition to auto-investing, M1 users have the flexibility to make individual buy and sell orders on any slice in their portfolio.  

How to place orders: step-by-step. 


Buy orders 

When a buy order is placed, M1 will purchase the specified dollar amount of the selected slice. 

To place a buy order, you must have available cash in your account. M1 will not withdraw money from your bank account to complete a trade.  

Available cash includes: 

  • Cash 
  • Sell orders 
  • Incoming deposits 

If the available cash for a user is less than their buy orders, M1 will prorate the requested buys. 

Example: Jenny places a $100 buy order for Stock A. Jenny (if she has the funds available) will purchase $100 of Stock A during the next trade window. 



Sell orders 

When a sell order is placed, M1 will sell the specified dollar amount of the selected slice.  

Money from a sell order can be: 

  • Used to place a buy order 
  • Held as cash 
  • Re-invested in your portfolio  

This depends on your Cash Balance Control settings. 

Example: Jenny places a $100 sell order for Stock B. Jenny (if the slice has enough value) will sell $100 of Stock B during the next trade window. 



Can I rebalance my portfolio and make buy/sell orders at the same time? 

No, users can’t make individual buy/sell orders and rebalance requests during the same trade window. 


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