What can I use M1 Checking for?

M1 Checking Accounts are for consumer purposes only

Upon opening an M1 Checking Account, you must agree to Terms and Conditions that specify this account is an individual account.  

Deposits made to an M1 Checking Account must be in the account owner’s name only. Any deposits created that are payable to an individual other than the account owner will be returned, and the account closed. This includes unemployment benefits, tax refunds, Social Security benefits, stimulus payments, and any other type of deposit in another person’s name.  


M1 Checking Accounts aren't eligible for business use.  

You can review the Terms and Conditions Agreement for M1 Checking by going into your account settings. 

M1 Finance web account screen Spend checking settings


M1 Finance mobile account screen Spend checking settings

If you have any questions, please contact us.


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