Protecting my M1 Checking Visa® debit card


VISA Zero Liability Policy  

VISA Zero Liability Policy monitors your M1 Checking Visa™ Debit Card purchases made in stores, online, or via a mobile device by running each transaction through a series of fraud checks. If Visa deems a purchase to be fraudulent, they will decline the transaction, lock your card, and call you to verify whether the transaction was correctly flagged. If it was a fraudulent transaction, Visa will assist you in disputing the transaction and next steps.


M1 Checking Account Notifications

M1 also helps you personally monitor your M1 Checking Visa™ Debit Card activity by sending you a push notification whenever your card is used to make a purchase. The notification will include the merchant and purchase amount to help you identify the transaction. If you don't recognize the purchase, you can lock your card and dispute the transaction in question - and we'll help investigate your claim and work to return your money.

To learn how to disable these notifications, click here.


Locking Your Card

Locking your card will prevent all future transactions. If you’re ever concerned that your card has been compromised, you can lock your card by tapping "Manage Card" in the Spend tab and toggling "Lock Your Card" to the on position. If someone (including you) tries to use your card while it is locked, the transaction will be declined. Please note that locking your card will not affect ACH transfers (i.e., deposits and withdrawals) or prevent already pending transactions from settling or changing.


What Should I Do If My M1 Checking Visa™ Debit Card Is Lost or Stolen?

If your M1 Checking Visa™ Debit Card has been lost or stolen, lock your card and contact support as soon as possible to request a replacement and report any fraudulent charges. Learn more about submitting a report, here.

Once you report your card as lost/stolen, our support team will cancel your current card and mail you a new one (with a new card number) in 1-2 weeks, free of charge.


How Do I Change My PIN?

You can change your PIN at any time by tapping 'Manage Card' in the Spend tab and select "Change PIN." Learn more here.

If you have any further questions, please contact us.


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