Why won’t my check from M1 Checking send?

You recently opened your account   

Send Check is available to M1 Plus clients 90 days after funds have been transferred onto the platform.


You attempted to send a check over the daily limit  

The daily maximum for Send Check is $5,000, with a monthly limit of $25,000. There is no limit to the number of checks that can be sent in a day. However, the maximum amount that you can send daily is $5,000. This is an aggregate total; having multiple M1 Checking Accounts does not increase your Send Check usage limits.


Your check is still processing  

Your check will typically reach its destination within three to nine business days. We recommend providing extra time for time sensitive payments.  


The information on your check is incorrect  

It’s always important to provide the correct information before sending.   

This includes:  

  • Payee name  
  • Account type  
  • Account number  
  • Routing number  
  • Payment amount  

In some cases, the receiving bank may reject payments based on a mismatch between account information and payee name.  


Your check went into manual review  

To protect your account, we will sometimes need to perform a manual review of a transaction. When this occurs, you will be prompted to provide a copy of a recent bank statement to us. 


If you still have questions about Send Check, please contact us.


Send check feature is only available for M1 Checking Accounts for Plus members. Learn more about M1 Plus here. M1 Checking Accounts furnished by Lincoln Savings Bank, Member FDIC.

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