How long does it take to transfer between accounts? 

Please note that you can only transfer funds between Invest accounts after you have enrolled in Spend and opened a checking account.  


This usually takes between two and four business days.  

Funds will need to settle (see Settlement Period below) before the transfer can be initiated. Please note that you may not see the funds reflected by either Invest account while the transfer is in progress. 


Taxable/IRA account to M1 Spend account 

This can take between 2-3 business days. Funds will need to settle (see Settlement Period below) before the transfer can be complete to your Spend account.  


Settlement period  

Before any funds are eligible for withdrawal, all sales must settle. 

Settlement occurs on T+2 (Trade Date plus two trading days).  

Funds take two trading days after their sale to be available for disbursement. 

Example: A withdrawal is requested on Thursday. Stocks are sold on Friday and will generally settle on the following Tuesday. 


Holding period 

All new deposits to M1 Invest require a six business day holding period before they can be withdrawn. After six business days, the transfer can begin. 

Example: You deposit $500 into your account on Monday the 1st of the month. A withdrawal for $100 after this will be held until Tuesday the 9th before the transfer can begin. 


Anti-money laundering (AML) regulations  

All funds received from banks can only be returned to that same bank for 60 days. 

For their first 60 days, funds received cannot be disbursed to a different bank than from where they were originated.  

If you have a specific need to bypass this restriction, please contact us.


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