How do I move a stock to a different location in my portfolio?  

 If you want to re-arrange your portfolio by doing any of the actions listed below, you will need to go through a rebase process with our support team.   


Some examples may include:   

  • Move a stock from one pie to another pie  
  • Move one pie from being its own slice to inside another pie  
  • Move one stock from inside a pie to another pie  

You may want to move “ABC” from Pie A to Pie B within Portfolio Z  

Portfolio Z  

Pie A:  





Pie B:  




What's the first step?   

Contact us and let us know that you would like to rearrange the slices you have within your portfolio.  


What does this process look like?  

We will take it from there. Here’s what will happen next:  

  1. We’ll confirm that you would like to temporarily pause trading in your account.   
  2. Once your account is paused, you will edit your pies to reflect the view you want to have going You can remove, add, or relocate slices within the portfolio.  

Performance data for the entire Portfolio is lost with this process, but it will not trigger any taxable events.  


To re-arrange your slices:   

  1. Go to the old location of the slice that you would like to remove and click “Edit” in that Pie.    
  2. Select the check box to the left of the security and click “Remove.”    
  3. Add the slice (stock, ETF, or Pie) to the new location in your portfolio.   

Here is a step by step guide on editing your portfolio.  

Our Client Success team support team will then re-map your existing positions to the new pies and un-pause trading on your account. You should see the changes reflected in their new locations. 


You can also learn how to edit your Pie through these how-to videos:


If you would like to get started with this process, please contact us.


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