How do I add a beneficiary to my M1 IRA?


At this time, you can add beneficiaries to your M1 IRA on Web. You are not able to add beneficiaries on Mobile. 

  1. Click “View Account Settings”
  2. Select “Beneficiaries”
  3. Select “Add Beneficiary”
  4. Enter the Beneficiary information
  5. Click “Submit” to save your beneficiary 

If you'd like to add beneficiaries to more than one retirement account, please fill out the form for each account in question (even if the beneficiaries remain the same). 

Please keep in mind that the total of the "% Share" portions for all beneficiaries must equal 100%, no decimals or fractions can be accepted.  

For example: if you would like to add three beneficiaries, they could be allocated a 33%, 33%, and 34% share, respectively. 33.33%, 33.33%, and 33.33% would not be acceptable. 


You can also fill out an IRA Beneficiary form and submit it to us.


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