What is a Pie?  

Pies are the building blocks of a portfolio at M1. They house your stocks and funds or crypto. You can create a Pie, or groups of Pies, to help you visualize and move toward your long-term financial goals.

Key Terms 


A portfolio is a single M1 investment account. Each portfolio is made up of Pies.



A Pie is a group of investments. Pies are used to organize and optimize your portfolio and your investment strategy. You can create a custom pie, choose an Expert Pie, use a shared pie from a friend, or all of the above.

Inside Pies are Slices.



A Slice can house an individual investment, another Pie, or a group of Pies. Portfolios can have a total of 100 Slices.    


How it works 

Graphic showing holdings in a portfolio

Select investments to add to your Pie. Each investment will represent one Slice.

Graphic showing one ETF as 25% of your portfolio

Set how much you’d like of each Slice. This is the target percentage, and it tells us how much of your Pie you’d like to see invested in that Slice. All Slices correspond to a portion of your overall portfolio.

Graphic showing slices represented as money

Once you fund your Pie, if Auto-invest is on, money will automatically flow into your investments to reach your target percentages.

Graphic showing slices in portfolio

Easily visualize portfolio performance. Slices that outperform their target weight will grow away from the center of the Pie, while underperforming slices will shrink closer to the center of the Pie

Graphics showing holdings represented as money

As you continue to fund to your portfolio, and Auto-invest is on, money will automatically flow into your investments to bring Slices closer to their original target percentages. M1 calls this funding methodology Dynamic Rebalancing.

Graphic showing holdings in portfolio

You can add, remove, or edit Slices at anytime, so you’re always invested exactly how you want.

You can move Slices between Pies by following the guide here.

Types of Pies 

Custom Pies 

Custom Pies let you choose from individual stocks and funds or crypto to build your ideal long-term portfolios. You cannot combine crypto with equities in one Pie.


Expert Pies 

Expert Pies are created using well known strategies to meet particular goals, align with your risk tolerance, or allow you to easily invest in entire industries.

Some of M1 Expert Pies follow proven methodologies used by some of the worlds most successful brokerages and advisors.



Utilizing the Moving Slices feature may cause trades to take place in other accounts you use the same pie in.

Please visit our article on Moving Slices when Pies are used in more than one account for further information

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