Deleting a Slice vs. creating a sell order


If you delete a Slice, your cash will be reinvested to your remaining Pie 

When you change the percentage of a Slice to 0% to remove it from your Pie, the cash from the sale is automatically split up to your existing slices in that Pie.   

The cash will not go to your cash balance, whether Auto-Invest is turned “off” or “on” in the account.  

Make sure you adjust other holdings so your total percentage adds up to 100%.  

You can either remove an individual Slice or an entire Pie from your portfolio.  

For additional help, check out our step-by-step guide for editing your portfolio. 


If you liquidate a Slice, your cash will post to your cash balance  

If you want to liquidate a Slice and have the money go to your cash balance, click into the Slice and create a manual sell order for the entire value of the Slice.   

This sale will post to your cash balance, and the proceeds will follow your corresponding auto-invest settings. 


To cancel a pending sell, you can add the securities/ Pie back to your portfolio.

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