Why haven’t my funds withdrawn from my M1 Invest Account?


Typical transfer timing 

A transfer from your M1 Invest Account to your external bank account can take between three and five business days.  

Funds will need to settle (see Settlement Period below) before the transfer can be initiated to your external bank account. They also may be subject to a holding period and AML regulations, detailed below. 

Once the withdrawal request completes in M1's systems, it can take up to one business day for the funds to be reflected by your bank account. 

Learn more about M1's transfer timing. 


Settlement period 

Before you can withdraw funds, all sales must settle.   

Settlement occurs on T+2 (trade date plus two trading days). This means that funds take two trading days after their sale to be available for disbursement.  

A trading day is a weekday (excluding holidays) when the stock market is open. 

Example: A withdrawal is requested on Thursday. Securities are sold on Friday and will generally settle on the following Tuesday. 

Holding period 

All new deposits to M1 Invest require a six-business day holding period before they can be withdrawn. After six business days, the transfer to your bank begins. 

Example: You deposit $500 into your account on Monday, the first day of the month.  

A withdrawal for $100 after this will be held until Tuesday, the ninth day of the month, before the transfer to your bank begins.  

At this point the anti-money laundering (AML) hold will be complete and the withdrawal will appear in your bank account 2-3 business days afterward. 

AML regulations  

All funds received from a bank account can only be returned to that same bank account for the first 60 days.  


Please note: weekends, market holidays, and banking holidays do not count as business days.


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