Will you run a credit check when I apply? 

When you apply for the Owner’s Rewards Card, a soft credit report is pulled to determine if you’re eligible.  

Soft credit report checks do not affect your credit score.  


If you’re provisionally approved for the Owner’s Rewards Card  

If you’re provisionally approved and accept your offer, a hard credit inquiry through Experian will be run.  

This hard check can affect your credit score. 


To which credit bureaus will my Owner’s Rewards Account be reported to? 

Your account will not be reported to any credit bureaus, so information on your M1 Owner’s Rewards Card account will not be available when you check your credit score.  


For more information about credit checks, please reach out to the M1 Owner’s Rewards Card team at (833) 978-3351.   

They are available Monday-Friday from 8 am-8 pm CT and Saturday from 9 am-2 pm CT. 

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