Can I add my Owner’s Rewards Card to my mobile wallet?  


The M1 Owner’s Rewards card can be added to your Apple Pay or Google Pay Wallets. At this time, we do not support Samsung Pay.


Your card will need to be activated before it can be added to your mobile wallet. See a step  by step guide for activating your Owner’s Rewards Card.  


To add your Owner’s Rewards card to your mobile wallet:


1. Navigate to the Spend tab, select “Credit”, and ‘Manage Card’. 

M1 Finance mobile account screen Spend tab

2. Select Add to Digital Wallet under Card actions. 

M1 Finance mobile account screen digital wallet

You can also manually add your Owner’s Rewards Card to your mobile wallet by navigating to your wallet and manually entering in your card information. Your card information won’t be accessible until you receive your physical credit card in the mail.  


For additional questions, please contact us.



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