Where can I see an overview of all my M1 accounts?  

When you first create your M1 account, the home screen  will display all the products that M1 has to offer. An overview of Invest, Borrow, Spend, the Owner’s Rewards Card by M1, and your recent transfer history will display here. 


As you continue to utilize various M1 products, the account information and balances will display in the corresponding section.  


Net Worth 

Your M1 Net Worth at the top of the Overview Hub is the difference between your assets and liabilities. 

The Net Worth will only display if you have both assets and liabilities 


The Invest section of the Overview Hub will show the aggregate value of all your M1 Invest accounts.  

Learn what Invest accounts that M1 supports 

Learn how to open an Invest account.  



The Borrow section of the Overview Hub will show the aggregate value of your outstanding M1 Borrow loan.  

Learn more about M1 Borrow.

home_screen_7.pnghome_screen_8.png home_screen_9.png


The Spend section of the Overview Hub will show the current debit balance of your M1 Spend account.  

Learn more about M1 Spend Checking Account. 


Owner’s Rewards  

The Owner’s Rewards section of the Overview Hub will show the current credit balance of the M1 Owner’s Rewards account.  

Learn more about the Owners Rewards Credit Card by M1.  


Recent Transfers 

The Recent Transfers section will display the most recent transfers in and out of your M1 Accounts.  

Recurring transfers will not be displayed here. You can navigate to the “Rules” tab to edit, disable, or pause any of your active transfer rules  

You can also initiate transfers to any of your M1 accounts from the Recent Transfers section 


Learn how to create transfers in your M1 account.  

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