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M1 Plus Billing
Updated over a week ago

We've decided to end our M1 Plus membership program.

Our premium features no longer require membership and are available to everyone who builds and manages their wealth on M1.

If you had a paid Plus membership and $10,000+ in M1 assets or an active Personal Loan, we are refunding any remaining months of your Plus membership.

You will see the refund post in an eligible account’s activity tab. M1 accounts that can receive the refund include Individual Brokerage, Joint Brokerage, Savings Accounts, or Cash Accounts.

If you had a paid Plus membership and less than $10,000 in M1 assets or didn't have an active Personal Loan, your remaining subscription credit is being put towards the $3 monthly fee.

You can view your current platform fee status on the platform fee page in your account settings. From there you will see if your platform fee is waived, will be waived next billing cycle, or if you’re currently paying $3 a month to access M1.

Please see our article on how much it costs to use M1 for more information on the monthly platform fee.


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