What are M1 Expert Pies

M1 Expert Pies are a collection of portfolios made up of stocks and ETFs that align with different investment goals ranging from general investing, retirement planning, to responsible investing.

The M1 Expert Pies were created to aid you in the creation of your portfolio. All M1 Expert Pies are based on widely accepted investing strategies.


Where can I find them?

You can locate the Expert Pies in the "Research" tab.


How can they be used?

If you choose to use an Expert Pie, it can be used as a Slice in your portfolio or your full portfolio.

Manual adjustments to the Expert Pies are not permitted.


How are they created?

Our selection model considers the fund's cost, volume, size, and tracking error (how well the fund tracks the benchmark it seeks to replicate).

When M1 makes an update to a Pie, the changes will automatically be made in your portfolio.


How is performance calculated?

M1 calculates hypothetical performance for all Expert Pies.

The hypothetical performance is displayed as informational only and not meant to be a recommendation or solicitation of any kind.

Historical data is used to make calculations. All historical data is from a reputable provider and has not been internally validated or audited. All performance does not take into account possible taxes or fees.

The hypothetical historical performance follows a standard and consistent methodology.

All performance calculations assume quarterly rebalances and immediate reinvestment of dividends.

The charts depict the value of a $100 initial investment made at the beginning of the day on the first day of the calculation window.


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