How to set up, edit, pause, or cancel recurring transfers

Recurring deposits make it easy to automate how much money you’re putting into your account and how frequently you’re doing it.

You choose the schedule and amount, the M1 platform will take care of the rest.

Please note: You can schedule a maximum of 5 recurring transfers a week.

Learn more about other transfer types (one time transfers, direct deposits, account transfers, or smart transfers).


To set up your recurring transfer:

  1. Navigate to the Home screen
  2. Select “Move Money"
  3. Select “Recurring Transfer”
  4. Select the bank accounts that you want the recurring transfer to come in and out from and input the transfer amount
  5. Select the frequency and day of the week for the transfer to occur
  6. Review transfer details and select "Confirm"
  7. Select “Done” or “View Schedule Details”

You can view your recurring transfer in the Home tab under “Transfer Rules” if on Web or “Rules” if on Mobile.


To edit, pause, or cancel your recurring transfer:

  1. From the Home screen select “Transfer Rules” if on Web or “Rules” if on Mobile
  2. Select your recurring transfer
    a. To edit your recurring transfer, select “Edit” and input your new amount and schedule
    b. To pause your recurring transfer, toggle the “Enable schedule” off if on Web or “Pause Schedule” if on Mobile
    c. To cancel your recurring transfer, select “Edit” and select “Delete”


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