How does M1 trade? 

After you set your portfolio, M1 handles the rest with our automated trading system. 

M1 aggregates all trades and executes them during a trade window. All trading activity for the day will be completed during this window, and your portfolio will update after the window has closed.  


There are distinct events that cause your account to trade, such as: 

  • Your first deposit

  • Future deposits and withdrawals 

  • Rebalances 

  • Cash 

  • Orders 

You can learn all about what how your account will trade with the descriptions below. 


Your first deposit  

It’s time to begin investing!  

Your first deposit will be invested in alignment with the targets you set for your portfolio during the next trade window.  

Check out our video to learn more about building your first portfolio and making your first deposit.  

Future funding and withdrawals 

Following your first trade, all trades will be completed to return your portfolio to your targets. This is called Dynamic Rebalancing 

M1 automatically rebalances your portfolio little by little as money moves in and out.  

Deposits will prioritize money into underweight securities, while withdrawals will prioritize money out of overweight securities. 


Editing your portfolio and liquidating a slice 

When you make changes to your targets (ex. adjusting the percentage or adding a new slice) 

  • Your portfolio won’t automatically buy and sell holdings to return your portfolio to your new targets. These changes will occur over time with M1's Dynamic Rebalancing. 


When you remove a slice from a Pie 

  • M1 will liquidate the holdings and reinvest the money in that same Pie. This will happen regardless of whether Auto-Invest is turned on/off. 


Manual Rebalancing 

When the market moves, your actual percentages of holdings can drift away from your target percentages.  

You can get these holdings back to your ideal percentage by requesting a manual rebalance. Rebalance requests can be completed for your entire portfolio or for a single Pie within your portfolio. 


Cash Balance Control 

We include all cash deposits in our Auto-Invest by default. However, you can choose to leave your cash uninvested or choose to leave a specific amount of cash uninvested. This way you have more control over when and how your money is invested. 


Learn more about Auto-Invest in our short how-to videos:



In addition to M1's Auto-Invest, you can also place individual orders to buy or sell slices within your portfolio. 

Order requests will be prioritized ahead of automated trades.  

You can use the following to complete the order request: 

  • Existing cash in your account
  • Cash from a pending sell order 
  • Request a deposit  


Circuit Breakers  

If a circuit breaker is triggered in a stock or ETF you own or want to own, we may not be able to fulfill your order in the window you want. 

Depending on whether the trigger is a Level 1, 2 or 3, we may not be able to execute your trade on the day you requested it. Regardless of what happens, we will communicate with you and inform you on the conditions that kept us from trading.  


Learn more about circuit breakers and trade halts. 


M1 disclosures here.

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