How is a Pie's performance calculated?

M1 calculates the historical performance of a Pie using the money-weighted rate of return (MWRR) of the securities within it over time.

To view the performance of your holdings, navigate to the “Portfolio” section within the Invest tab. If you’re on the app, make sure to tap “Performance” at the top of the “Portfolio” screen to see your performance data.

If you’re accessing your Pie’s performance on the app, you’ll need to tap the graph icon in the upper right-hand corner to view the performance chart and adjust the time period.

Please note, the MWRR is inclusive of all securities historically held in your Pie.


Historical Performance

If you’re interested in viewing the historical performance of a Pie before you invested in it, you can navigate to the “My Pies” section of the Research tab and select it.

Once you select a Pie, you’ll see its MWRR as a percentage along with a graph charting its historical performance based on a fixed initial deposit of $100.

The Pie’s performance will automatically default to display the longest history available for that Pie which starts on the first trading day of any of the underlying securities on M1. However, you can edit the date range displayed by using the different filters. You can toggle between the following lengths:  

  • Day 
  • Week 
  • Month 
  • Quarter 
  • Year
  • All-time

Backtested performance shows historical performance had you invested in a Pie at an earlier date. It is provided for informational purposes only. Backtested performance is hypothetical, which means it does not reflect returns in actual accounts.

Past performance is not an indicator of actual results and does not guarantee future results.

Backtested performance results have certain limitations and assumes:

  • The reinvestment of distributions which M1 allocates proportionally to all positions in your portfolio.
  • Does not include the burden of taxes or M1 fees and assumes that there are no additional deposits or withdrawals during the indicated period.
  • Periodic rebalancing of any of the Model Portfolios M1 pies in the portfolio.
  • All the securities used were available during the period presented and that the markets were sufficiently liquid to permit the types of trading used to calculate the performance.    

As with any investment strategy, there is potential for profit as well as the possibility of loss. M1 does not guarantee any minimum level of investment performance or the success of any portfolio or investment strategy. All investments involve risk and investment decisions will not always be profitable.   


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