Minimum order size

The minimum order size for each stock is $1.00.  

This reduces costs and keep fractional investing affordable.  

If a buy order or an auto-invest setting attempts to place an order under $1.00 for a stock, the order will not be executed, and the cash will remain in your Invest account.  

You may see a screen like this as a result: 

M1 Finance mobile screen extended buys


How to avoid excluded buys 

Excluded buys are buys that don’t meet the $1.00 minimum. Make sure all buy orders for Slices in your portfolio are over $1.00.  

Any buy order for a holding in your portfolio that is over $1.00 will be executed so long as the cash is available in your account. Learn more about how to submit a buy order. 

Learn more about minimum balance requirements. 


If you choose to transfer your account to another broker-dealer, only the full shares are guaranteed to transfer. Fractional shares will be liquidated and transferred as cash following the outgoing transfer.




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