Moving Slices between Pies

Things to know before moving Slices 

  1. Generally, moving Slices won't buy or sell anything, so don't worry about a taxable event in the account you are moving slices; unless you move Slices out of or into a Pie you use throughout multiple accounts, where every instance of the Pie will update, potentially causing trades in those accounts too. Read on the steps to take if you move Slice that is in multiple accounts.
  2. Slices can’t move between Invest accounts. 
  3. To move, you’ll first select a Slice and the Pie you want to move it to. Then, you’ll adjust the target percentages in both Pies you’re moving between. 
  4. Moving Slices won’t reset an account’s cost basis or money-weighted returns. The performance of Slices that are moved will be reset. 
  5. You cannot move a Slice into or out of an Expert Pie.
  6. You can’t move all Slices out of a Pie because all Pies require a minimum of one Slice. 

Moving Slices On Web:

We're hard at work trying to get moving Slices into our mobile app soon. We
will be sure to update you once this is released.

To move Slices in your portfolio, please use the Web platform:  

1. Under the Invest tab, select “Portfolio."  

2. Select "Edit." 


3. Select the Slice(s) you’d like to move and then click the ‘Move’ button.  


4. The first time you click the ‘Move’ button, a quick one-page tutorial will pop up. Click "Got it" or anywhere outside the tutorial to dismiss it. If you click on the learn more link, it will take you to this help center article. 


5. Choose an existing Pie to move your selected Slice(s) to via the dropdown menu. You can learn how to create and add a new Pie here

Please keep in mind, if you create a new Pie, you’ll need to save and add the Pie to your portfolio before you can move Slices into the new Pie


6. Adjust the target percentages of the Slices in the Pie you are moving Slices to. These allocation changes will occur over time as money flows into your account if Auto-Invest is enabled.  
Keep in mind, adjusting your target percentages won‘t launch an account rebalance, where holdings are bought and sold to match your new target percentages. If you’d like to do that, learn more about rebalancing your portfolio. 

Make sure:   

  • Each Slice is allocated at least 1%.  
  • The target percentages of all the Slices add up to 100%.   

You will not be able to continue until the total percentage equals 100%. If you do not wish to change the current percentages set in the selected Pie, you can always go back and choose a different Pie to move the Slice to. 


Keep in mind, you will also not be able to save a Pie or move Slices to a Pie containing an inactive security. A security may become inactive after a corporate action. You will not be able to move an inactive security. 


7. Update the target percentages of the original Pie you are moving Slices out of.


8. Once you select “Continue” on the screen with the Pie you are moving Slices to, you’ll be presented with the Pie you are moving Slices out of. You will notice that the Slices that you’re moving are no longer displayed there.  

You will need to adjust the target percentages to total 100%, either by adding holdings or tweaking what’s there. Once you are done here, select "Continue.” If you change your mind, you can cancel moving Slices at any time. 

Make sure:   

  • Each Slice is allocated at least 1%. 
  • The target percentages of all the Slices add up to 100%.


9. You’ve reached the final step! Carefully ensure that your moves and target percentages are correct.

Clicking “Confirm” will result in changes to your portfolio. The changes to the Pie you are moving out of will be in the first section. The changes to the Pie you are moving to will be in the second section. 

Lastly, if you deleted a Slice from a Pie, you’ll see the changes in the next available trade window. 

Learn more about the difference between deleting a Slice and selling a Slice.


Once you click “Confirm,” these changes will take effect immediately, unless you’re trying to move Slices during a trade window. If this happens, you’ll have to try your move again 30 minutes later. 

Other things to know about moving a Slice 

  • You cannot move a Pie that has a rebalance order on it. Please cancel the rebalance order before trying to move the Pie. 
  • You cannot move a Slice that has a buy or sell order on it. Please cancel this order before trying to move it.  

If you have further questions, please contact us. 


Utilizing the Moving Slices feature may cause trades to take place in other accounts you use the same pie in. Please visit our article on Moving Slices when Pies are used in more than one account for further information    

All examples above are for informational purposes and should not be considered an offer to buy or sell certain securities. M1 does not provide investment advice. 



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