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We’re excited to have you join our community! Please follow the steps below to open an account.

  1. You’ll receive an email within one business day either confirming your application’s been approved or asking for a little bit more information.

  2. If we request a document to verify your identity, we’ll include instructions for uploading your documents securely. Please gives us five to seven days to review the materials and open your account.


To open an M1 investment account you must have the following:

  • US citizen or permanent resident (Green Card holder)

  • Over the age of 18

  • Current US residential address

  • US phone number

Due to security concerns, we do not allow VOIP phone numbers to be used for account verification. Carriers such as Republic Wireless fall under this category.

Investment accounts that M1 supports

Every M1 client must first open an Individual Brokerage Account or IRA before opening any subsequent accounts. At this time, you can only open an IRA as your first M1 investment account on Web.

  • Individual Brokerage Accounts

  • Joint Brokerage Accounts*

  • IRAs (Traditional, Roth, SEP)

  • Trust Accounts

  • Custodial Accounts

  • Cash Accounts

  • Crypto Accounts

*At this time, Joint Brokerage Accounts can only be hosted under one login. In order to view or make any changes to this portfolio, you will need to use the login that has the Joint Brokerage Account

Learn more about the types of accounts M1 supports.

Can I open multiple M1 investment accounts under the same login?

Yes, you can have up to 10 investment accounts under your login at M1, not including Custodial or Cash Accounts.

Each client is eligible to open up to 5 total M1 Individual/Joint Brokerage accounts and one of each of the following: a Trust, Crypto Account, Roth IRA, Traditional IRA, and Sep IRA.

Multiple Custodial Accounts may be opened as long as each account is created for a different beneficiary. The same person can not be the beneficiary for multiple Custodial Accounts.

While you cannot open multiple accounts for every account type, you can add multiple Pies to any of your existing accounts. Please see this Help Center article to learn how to add an additional Pie to your account.

Please note: You will gain access to opening an additional Invest Account after you open your first Individual Brokerage Account or IRA. At this time, you can only open an IRA as your first M1 Invest Account on Web. This can take up to 24 hours to process.

Why does my account need manual verification?

Some new accounts are ‘rejected’ because they require additional documentation for verification.

When you sign up, we attempt to automatically verify your identity, but at times are unable to do so with public data sources.

Clients are often ‘rejected’ because of a security freeze, a typo with their biographic information, or they are between the age of 18-23 and do not have a credit history.

Why do I need to disclose my personal information?

As a regulated broker-dealer, M1 Finance LLC (“M1,” “we,” “us”) is required to review applications for any number of mandated pieces of information, including those related to Know Your Customer and Customer Identification Program requirements.

These regulations are in place to help prevent money laundering and the financing of terrorist activities.

Brokerage accounts on the M1 platform are either fully disclosed to APEX Clearing or cleared through M1 Finance LLC. Please look at your account statement to determine how your account is cleared.

All investing involves risk, including the risk of losing the money you invest. Past performance does not guarantee future performance. Using margin can add to these risks. Users utilizing APEX cleared margin accounts should review the APEX margin account risk disclosure before borrowing. Users utilizing M1 cleared margin accounts should review the M1 margin account risk disclosure before borrowing. M1 Margin Loans are available on margin accounts with at least $2,000 invested per account. Not available for Retirement or Custodial accounts. Margin rates may vary.

Brokerage products and services are offered by M1 Finance LLC, Member FINRA / SIPC, and a wholly owned subsidiary of M1 Holdings, Inc.


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