Investing in Custom Pies  


Custom Pies give you the power to customize, organize, and manage your investment portfolio. 

To create a Custom Pie:

  1. Navigate to "My Pies"
  2. Select "Build a stock-and-fund Pie" or "Build a crypto Pie"
  3. Name your Pie and add an optional description
  4. Choose thstocks and ETFs or coins you want included 
  5. Once you’ve selected everything you want to add, set the target percentages 


Adding your Custom Pie to your portfolio 

Once you create your Custom Pie, it is not automatically added to your portfolio. It lives in the My Pie section, allowing you to create and experiment with new Custom Pies before they are funded.  

To invest in your Custom Pie, add it to your overall portfolio:

  1. Navigate to your portfolio 
  2. If you are on mobile, select “Manage Pie” then “Edit Pie”. If you are on web, select “Edit”.
  3. Select "Add Slice" 
  4. Navigate to "My Pies" tab on the top row and choose the Custom Pie you wish to add to your portfolio
  5. Adjust the target percentages the other holdings, ensuring your total percentage equals 100% 
  6. Remember to "Save"


Initial funding 

Once your Custom Pie is added to your portfolio, it will be included in all future trading events.Your portfolio will not automatically rebalance once a new Pie is added. For more information on how the M1 Automated Trading System works please read: How M1 Trades. 

All examples above are for informational purposes and should not be considered an offer to buy or sell certain securities. M1 does not provide investment advice.  


Are the same stocks allowed in different Pies? 

Every Pie is independent, so the same stock can be held in two different Pies.  

During a trade window, if the M1 trading algorithm indicates buying "Stock A" in one Pie and selling "Stock A" in another, the orders would be internally netted first and only the net amount would be executed.  

M1 will never buy and sell the same security on the same day. 


If you have further questions, please contact us.



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