Where can I find statements, forms, and documents? 

There are four main categories of statements and documents generated by M1. They can be found in your settings under the “Documents” tab: 


 1) Transaction history 

There are three places to view your transaction history:  

  1. "Activity" in the main navigation bar 
  2. Monthly Statements  
  3. Trade Confirmations 


2) Trade confirmations 

Confirmations detail trading activity for a specific day. Each time your account trades, you will receive a trade confirmation.  

Trade confirmations include: 

  • Name of the investment you traded 
  • Ticker symbol 
  • Total shares bought or sold 
  • Price per share 
  • Trade execution date 
  • Settlement date 
  • Total gross value of the transaction 
  • Regulatory fees 
  • Total net value of the transaction after deducting fees 
  • Account number 
  • Type of order  

This document is available within 3 business days after trading activity. 


3) Monthly statements 

Statements are issued monthly and are available approximately one week after the end of the month. 

These statements contain your holdings as of the last day of the month, along with all activity during the month.  

If there was no activity during the month, a monthly statement will not be generated. If an account does not have activity for multiple months, a quarterly statement will be generated. 


4) Tax forms 

Clicking “Tax Forms” will display the tax form(s) that you are eligible to view.

Check out more information on tax documents here. 


Receiving paper statements? 

The most common reason for receiving paper statements is that you have marked certain correspondence as spam.  

M1 and/or Apex Clearing is obligated to deliver the conveyed materials so that investors can make informed decisions. If M1 and/or Apex Clearing is unable to deliver correspondence electronically,  paper copies will be sent through the U.S. Postal Service.  



Your statements will be available for a period of six years following the closure of your account. 

Please note, only your past 3 years of monthly statements, trade confirmations, and tax documents are available in your documents tab. 




M1 disclosures here.

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