What is a trusted contact? 

A trusted contact is an individual appointed by an account holder who will be contacted by M1 if there is possible exploitation or concerning account activity.  

The account holder will be contacted first, but the trusted contact can serve as a backup if the account holder cannot be reached under some circumstances. A trusted contact must be at least 18 years of age. 

Note: trusted contacts are standard across the industry and highly recommended by FINRA. M1 is required by FINRA Rule 4512 to ask you to add a Trusted Contact to your account.  


How will M1 utilize the information given regarding your trusted contact?

  • M1 will contact your trusted contact in the instance of possible exploitation or concerning account activity.  
  • Note: we will not release any of your account information to your trusted contact, nor can this person transact on your behalf.

How can I add and edit my trusted contact? 

You will be able to add your trusted contact’s first & last name, phone number, and email address to your profile here. 

You can view and edit your trusted contact information in your user profile under account settings at any time. 





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