Crypto Getting Started

Editing your Crypto portfolio is as simple as editing your equity portfolio. Follow the links below to edit your Pie, research coins, and understand how performance is calculated:

Who can invest in crypto at M1? 

Any client with a funded M1 Invest Account for more than 5 days can open a Crypto Account on M1. 


How do I open a Crypto Account? 

  1. From the Invest tab, select add an account
  2. Select Crypto Account
  3. Confirm


Are Crypto Accounts free?  

Any M1 client with a funded M1 Invest Account can open a Crypto Account for free. Furthermore, all crypto assets are traded commission free.  Other fees may apply, visit M1 Fee Schedule to learn more. 


Funding my Crypto Account 

Funding your Crypto Account is like funding your M1 Invest Account. Once your bank connection is established, you can navigate to the Home Screen and click “Move Money.”  

From here, you will see the option to transfer funds to your Crypto Account.  

Note: The initial minimum deposit into the account is $100.00. Subsequent deposits have a minimum deposit of $10. 


Does M1 have crypto wallets? 

M1 does not currently have a dedicated crypto wallet. Cryptocurrencies are held in your Apex Crypto Account(s). 


Can I combine my stocks with my Crypto Account? 

Your Crypto Account will be separate from any other Invest brokerage accounts. Clients can purchase cryptocurrencies through M1’s platform, but cryptocurrency assets are held by Apex Crypto in your Apex Crypto Account(s).  

Clients will not be able to add crypto slices to other stock or ETF Pies. However, the Research tab will contain information on both stocks and crypto assets. 


Can I send / receive cryptocurrency from my Crypto Account? 

Crypto cannot be sent or received from outside wallets at this time.  





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