My gains and losses

We help keep track of gains and losses, so you always know how your investments are performing. 


Unrealized gains 

The gains and losses shown on the M1 Finance platform are the unrealized gains from owning the individual holding or portfolio.  

An unrealized gain or loss is a profit or loss that exists on paper, resulting from your investments. A gain/loss becomes realized once the position is sold for a profit/loss. 



Unrealized Gain/ Loss = Value of Investment - Cost of Investment 

Unrealized Gain/Loss % = (Value of Investment - Cost of Investment) / Cost of Investment 


Total gains 

Total gain is a combination of all capital gains and dividends earned. 


Capital gains 

Capital gains are the increase or decrease in value of your investment. Capital gains are either unrealized or realized.  

An unrealized capital gain is a position in a stock or fund that has yet to be sold. A realized capital gain is the profit or loss experienced when a position has been both bought and sold. 


Date Activity Share price Shares owned Value Realized gain Unrealized gain Capital gain
April 1 Bought share $110 1 $110 $0 $0 $0
May 1 No activity $115 1 $115 $0 $5 $5
June 1 Sold share $120 0 $0 $10 $0 $10



Dividends are interval cash payments made by companies to their current shareholders. Learn more about dividends in your account. 


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