Create my M1 portfolio

To get started investing, you’ll first need to create your portfolio  

For a refresher on the differences between portfolio, Pie, and slice, check out the M1 glossary.

You can watch our short how-to videos below:


What’s New? 

  • You're now able to create Pies directly in the portfolio organizer.  
  • A brand-new drag and drop feature to move slices to new locations within the portfolio before funding your account. 
  • An enhanced explanation between the difference between Pies, Slices, and your portfolio. 

These changes will let you have better control over your new portfolio with an easy-to-use tool. 


When you first log on to M1, you'll be asked to finish setting up your account and building your portfolio.  

  1. Select “Choose securities” to view M1’s supported list and/or Model Portfolios.  You can then make your Slice selections on this page.
  2. Select the stock you're interested in to see more details and company information. You'll be able to see news related to that company, price history, and a profile of that company. 
  3. To add a stock or fund to your portfolio, you can either select on the plus sign on the stock (check the box to the left of the stock if on web) or the "Add to Pie" button in the details screen.

    You’ll also see a tab called Model Portfolios. M1 Model Portfolios are a collection of portfolios of stocks and ETFs ranging from general investing, responsible investing, to hedge fund followers.

    To browse our Model Portfolios, select the category you’re interested in and tap on any Model Portfolio to see details such as the holdings in that Pie, return history, expense ratio, and dividend yield.  

    To add a Model Portfolio to your portfolio, you can either select on the plus sign on the Model Portfolio (check the box to the left of the Model Portfolio if on web) or the "Add to Pie" button in the details screen.
  4. Once you’ve selected all securities that you want in your portfolio, select "Done”. You'll be redirected to a screen where you can name your new portfolio, see your selected securities, and begin to organize into your Pies. 



Then, you'll be redirected to the portfolio organizer tutorial. This tutorial shows M1’s new and improved suite for portfolio and Pie creation. 

You can select the question mark icon to enable or disable the tutorial at any point. 

<1 Finance mobile account screen helper tutorial

Create New Pie: 

Choose “Create New Pie” in order to group your selections together into their own Pie. The new Pie can then be re-named with a description to make it easily identifiable. You will then see your new custom Pie at the top of page. 


Drag & drop 

You can also use the drag & drop tool to move securities into a Custom Pie.  

Each Slice that can be dragged into a Custom Pie will show a drag icon on the right side of the screen. Each Custom Pie must have at least one Slice in order to save. 

M1 Finance mobile acount screen drag & drop securities in pie

After dragging your Slices into Pies, you can click on a Custom Pie to see individual Slices within. 

Slices can also be dragged from one Custom Pie to another, or you can drag a Slice from a Custom Pie to the root level of the portfolio. 


Bulk Select 

Individual Slices can be moved into Custom Pies using the “Select” tool. You can check the boxes on the left of the Slices and select the Pie icon, which can be found in the top right corner, to move your selections into an existing Custom Pie. 

Your Slices will then be added to the custom Pie you choose. Now, you’re ready to set target allocation percentages. 


Set Targets 

After arranging your Pie within the overall portfolio, you’ll set target allocations for each Slice.  

  • Input your desired target percentage.  
  • All slices within a Pie must add up to 100%.

Target allocation percentages can be set on Pies and individual Slices within your portfolio.

Once each level of the portfolio equals 100%, you are ready to click “Save” and begin investing.  

Custom Pies without any Slices cannot be saved, either delete or add Slices totaling 100% to save. 


Use your Pie in Multiple Locations 

After creation, M1 will allow you to use your pie in multiple locations in your portfolio. You may edit your portfolio to add this Pie in several locations. 

Keep in mind, if you make changes to your Pie that is used multiple times in one portfolio or is used across M1 Invest Accounts, those changes will reflect everywhere that Pie is located. These edits may cause trades in multiple accounts.  

Additionally, securities received after a corporate action or account transfer are unable to be moved to a Pie used in several locations in your portfolio or across accounts. 


The next step in getting started is making your first deposit. Check out our guide for step-by-step directions.  


All examples above are for informational purposes and should not be considered an offer to buy or sell certain securities. M1 does not provide investment advice. 


M1 disclosures here.

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