A stock I own is delisted from M1's supported exchanges

A delisting may occur when a company no longer trades on an exchange. This generally means when a security has been removed from a major exchange and is not traded on the OTC markets. This may happen following a corporate action, or when the company fails to meet the exchange’s criteria, among other reasons. 

In the event of a delisting, your security will remain in your portfolio until you remove it. You will not be able to purchase any more shares or add the security to existing or new Pies. These securities must be removed before you make edits to your Pie. Additionally, you may not move received securities from a corporate action or account transfer into a Pie with securities not actively trading. 

Russian securities: These have either been halted in the market or are no longer trading. They are unable to be liquidated in any way at this time. Please see this FINRA article for updates regarding trading halts, suspensions and delays.

If your account contains a Russian security, this may prevent liquidations from completing. 




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