Banks that M1 does not support

M1 Finance can establish automated clearing house (ACH) relationships with almost all US retail banks. However, there are a handful of institutions not supported by M1.

To avoid ACH returns, M1 does not accept ACH relationships established through the following institutions and routing numbers. 

Please note: existing connections with these institutions can remain, but you will not be able to make new ones. If you disconnect an unsupported bank, you will not be able to reconnect it. 


If your bank falls on the list below, please connect an alternative account to fund your M1 account.


Routing Number

Amalgamated Bank

American Express Centurion Bank   124071889  
Bancorp Bank 031101114 
Bancorp, Netspend Bank   31101169  
Bancorp, Netspend Bank   114924742  
Central Bank Of Kansas City   101019084  
Chelsea Groton Bank                   103113357 
Chime Bank   103100195   
Chime Bank 031101279
Choice Financial Group                091302966 
Citizens Bank   11500120  
Citizens Bank   21313103  
Citizens Bank   31101143  
Citizens Bank   36076150  
Citizens Bank   221370030  
Citizens Bank   222371054  
Citizens Bank   241070417  
Citizens Bank   271071321  
Citizens Bank   11001331  
Citizens Bank   11304517  
Citizens Bank   11401533  
Citizens Bank   11601443  
Citizens Bank   21372940  
Citizens Bank   44015831  
Citizens Bank   72402076  
Citizens Bank   211070175  
Citizens Bank   211170114  
Citizens Bank   211574613  
Citizens Bank   231373069  
Citizens Bank   236074619  
Coastal Community Bank 125109019
Customers Bank   67092886  
Evolve Bank And Trust   84106768  
First Century Bank, Payoneer   61120084  
Flagstar Bank   272471852  
Gobank Division Of Green Dot Bank   124303162  
Green Dot Bank 124085024  
Green Dot Bank (Pasadena)   124085024  
Green Dot Bank (Provo)   124302529  
Green Dot Bank, (Bonneville Bank)   124303120  
Green Dot Bank, (Synovus)   61120000  
Metabank (Memphis)   84003997  
Metabank (Sioux Falls, Sd)   73972181  
Metropolitan Commercial Bank   62202985  
Metropolitan Commercial Bank   26014902  
New York Community Bank               226071004 
Northwest Bank                        243374218 
Piermont Bank 026015053
Rushcard JPMorgan Chase 21409169  
Square 124085396
Sterling National Bank 221970443
Sutton Bank                           041215663 
The Golden 1 Credit Union             321175261 
UMB 101205681  
Vystar Credit Union   263079276  


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