What fee was I charged?

You may request additional account operations from time to time. That’s why we offer the following services for a fee: 

M1 Invest Account Fees 

Account Service Fees-Request for paper copies 

Overnight mail – Domestic (per request)  $125 
Overnight mail – International/ Canada (per request)  $100 
Paper confirm fee (retail paper only) (per request)  $2 
Paper statement fee (retail paper only), (per 50 pages)  $5 
Paper tax statement fee (retail paper only), (per 50 pages)  $5 
Return mail (per piece)  $2
Paper copy request for tax docs  $50


Account Maintenance 

Minimum Balance Fee: accounts with up to $50 & no activity for 90+ days. *  Up to $50
Escheatment processing (per account)  $75 
TOD account transfer fee (per transfer)  $200

*No incoming transfer, deposit, or trading activity for the past 90 days 


Direct Account Transfers 

Incoming $0
Outgoing  $100
Computershare transfers (per Computershare security transferred)  $115



IRA termination fee (per event)  $100
Mutual fund sales  $20
Liquidating securities traded on foreign exchanges  $50
Rights/Warrants/Tender Offer Exercise Fee $50
Charitable donation of stock (per security) $25


Miscellaneous Bank fees – M1 Invest Account

Please note: Direct ACH deposits from or to your connected bank account are always free. 

Wire transfer (domestic)  $25
Check request  $5
Returned checks/ACH/wires and recalls  $30
Amendment repairs  $30
ACH notice of change/correction  $5


Regulatory Fees 

Regulatory expenses are mandated fees passed on to the consumer. These occur when users sell a stock or ETF, and often cost only a few pennies. These fees are automatically deducted from the profits of any stock sale and only occur on the sells.

Fee formulas:

  • SEC Fee = total price of transaction * $8.00 / 1,000,000 ¹
  • TAF = $0.000166 per share for each sale of a covered equity security with a maximum of $8.30 per trade.²

*Fees are rounded up to the nearest penny 

Please note when trading American Depository Receipts (ADR), fees may apply and are charged to you as the holder of the ADR.  

To learn more about SEC and TAFs, check out the links below.



M1 disclosures here.

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