Removing a Slice

How you choose to remove a Slice from a Pie depends on where you want the proceeds from the Slice to go. You can either delete the Slice or create a manual sell order. Refer to the chart below see which option you prefer:


  Delete a Slice  Create a sell order 
Steps Change the target percentage of a Slice to 0%. You'll need to adjust the target percentages of the other Slices in your Pie to equal 100% before saving.  Select the Slice and create a manual sell order for the entire value of the Slice. Once the sale is complete, you can remove the Slice by changing the percentage to 0%.  
Where will the proceeds go?  Automatically reinvested in your Pie. The proceeds will split up, buying into your underweight Slices in efforts to bring them back up to your target percentages.  Posted to your cash balance. From there, they will follow your corresponding auto-invest settings. 


To cancel a pending sell, you can add the securities/ Pie back to your portfolio.


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