How M1 Trades Crypto

On-demand trade windows for Crypto

M1 clients can execute on-demand trades* in their Crypto Accounts.

Every day, including weekends, M1 clients will have the ability to place manual orders, rebalance, and
Auto-Invest in their Crypto Accounts.
Simply place your trade and navigate to the on-demand location under your Pie to execute.

Note: There is a maintenance period every day from 5:25 – 6:10 ET where trading will be blocked. Once the maintenance period concludes, on-demand trading access will resume in your account.

All orders are executed at the market price and will remain pending until the order is filled. 


Crypto trade windows

Crypto Accounts will trade 7 days a week using the normal trade window times. Like other M1 Invest Accounts, AM trade windows begin around 9:30am ET and PM trade windows begin around 3:00pm ET.

The window will conclude once all orders are filled.


Trade rejections/failed orders  

Rejected orders will display within the app with an explanation as to why the order failed.  

Please try again or contact our Client Success team if you have further questions. 


What cryptocurrencies does M1 provide access to?  

M1’s Research page contains a list of all currently available crypto coins to be added to Pies. Coins may be added or removed at any time. 


How does M1 decide which cryptocurrencies to include on its platform?  

Like stocks and ETFs, M1 assesses each coin’s market cap and average daily trading volume before listing on the platform. 


How is my money invested?  

Your Crypto Account will invest money the same way your Invest accounts buy stocks or ETFs.  

M1’s algorithm aims to keep your portfolio balanced, based on the percentages that you allocate, so you don’t have to. Money is first divested from overweight securities and is first invested in underweight securities. That way, your securities grow closer to your ideal target percentage.

You can also create manual buy/sell orders for specific coins. 

Please see your articles on how your money is invested for more information.  


What is buying power?  

Buying power is calculated based on pending deposits, settled cash, and any pending orders within the account.  

When you deposit more than $5,000 at a time, your buying power will become available over a two-day period.  

On the day you deposit, M1 will allow 40% of the deposit to be used for trading. One business day later, the remaining deposit amount will be available in your cash balance for new orders. 

For example, when depositing $7,000, $2,800 will be available to trade on that day. The following business day, you will have the ability to trade on the additional $4,200.  

Please note: Buying power will not increment over the weekend so cash must be available/settled prior to submitting new orders. 


When will buys and sells of my coins be triggered? 

M1 buys coins in these situations:  

You can also use cash to manually buy individual coins or Slices of your Pie.   


M1 sells coins in several situations:  

You can also manually sell individual coins or slices of your Pie.  

Please see our article on when buys/sells are triggered for more information. 


What price will my Crypto trade execute at?  

All orders submitted to M1 are market orders. You will receive the market price at the time of execution during M1’s trade window.  

Please see our article on what price trades execute at for more information. 


Minimum order size  

The minimum order size for each coin is $1.00.

This reduces costs and helps keep fractional investing affordable.   

If a manual buy order or an auto-invest setting attempts to place an order under $1.00 for a coin, the order will not be executed, and the cash will remain in your account.   


Can I buy and sell the same kind of cryptocurrency in a day? 

Buy and sell orders placed for execution during a single trade window for a specific coin will be netted. A single order (buy or sell) will be entered if an imbalance between the buy and sell order exists.   


Can I take an M1 Margin Loan against my Crypto assets?  

Your Crypto Account is a cash account and does not have Margin Loan capabilities. Cash must be deposited into your Crypto Account in order to purchase crypto.  

However, Margin Loan funds from your taxable account can be transferred to your Crypto Account.  


*On-demand trading is limited to 10 on-demand trades per calendar month. 24/7 availability is subject to scheduled maintenance.




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