Declined Owner’s Rewards Card Transactions


Getting help with a declined transaction 

If you’re looking for immediate assistance with a declined transaction, please reach out to our Owner’s Rewards support team at (833) 978-3351. 

 Declined transactions will not show up on your transaction feed, but our support team can see them to help troubleshoot.  


Why was my card declined? 

Although having your card declined can be inconvenient, at times it’s necessary to protect your account from fraud.  


Here are some common reasons your credit card may be declined: 

1. We noticed abnormal transaction behavior on your account. 

Sophisticated fraud software is consistently monitoring and flagging suspicious transactions for your protection. If you notice a fraudulent transaction on your account, please immediately lock your card in the “manage card” section on the Spend tab. Once your card is locked, give us a call at (833) 978-3351. 


2. The card information you entered is incorrect. 

 Entering the wrong card number, expiration date, or CVV number will result in a declined transaction. Please double check your card information if you’re entering it manually. 


3. You’ve reached your credit limit. 

You can see your remaining credit listed as “available credit” on the Spend tab. It’s equal to your credit limit minus your current balance.  

If you recently made a payment to reduce your current balance, please keep in mind it takes a few days for your available credit to reflect the change. Credit payments need to settle before your payment is considered complete.  


4. There’s an issue with the merchant 

It’s possible that the merchant you’re trying to purchase from is having an issue with their payment processing system. This could be the result of a broken card reader or a poor internet connection. 

If our support team does not see a declined transaction on your account, likely the merchant is having an issue getting the transaction processed. 


5. Your account or card is inactive   

Your card is considered inactive if it’s expired, locked, or was never activated when it was received. You can get assistance and insight into your account and card status by calling our support team at (833) 978-3351.  




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