How to cancel pending sells or account edits 

Sells can be pending for many reasons: 

Manual rebalance

Rebalancing returns your portfolio to the target percentages you set.  This will only occur if you select the “Rebalance” button under the Invest tab.  

Learn more about rebalancing. 

To cancel a rebalance, click “Cancel Rebalance”.


Manual sell order (Pie or slice)

In addition to auto-investing, M1 allows you to place orders to buy or sell stocks directly from specific Slices of your portfolio.   

This will only occur if you manually place a sell order by adding a dollar amount to sell.  

After placing an order, you will see the confirmation of the pending orders in your portfolio by clicking into the slice or selecting “View Details” under “Upcoming trades”.  

Pending orders will be completed during the next trade window. You can cancel your sell order before the trade window begins. 

Learn more about how orders work and how M1 fulfills order requests. 


To cancel a pending sell order:

1. Navigate to the Invest tab and select the portfolio the order is taking place in 

2. Client “View Details” under “Upcoming trades” 

3. Select “Cancel” next to the desired sell to cancel 

Please note that if this was removing a Slice (setting the percentage to 0% in your account) rather than a sell order (selling a specific dollar amount) you will need to follow the directions under Slice Removal. Learn more about the difference between removing a Slice and creating a sell order. 


Negative cash balance 

If you have a negative cash balance, your account will automatically place sells to cover the balance.  

This could occur to pay down your M1 Margin Loan without cash, fees, or a received debit balance.  

You will see the confirmation of the pending orders in your portfolio by clicking into the Slice. 

To prevent a sell from happening, please contact us. If you contact us before the next trade window begins, we may be able to pause your account while you deposit cash to prevent the sell. 

Learn more about how orders work and how M1 fulfills order requests. 


Delisted Received Securities

Securities displayed in the Received Securities area of your Invest tab under “Holdings M1 does not support” are not supported by M1. However, M1 allows you to either continue to hold your positions outside your Pie or liquidate them whenever you choose. After selecting securities in this section and choosing “Liquidate”, you will be asked to confirm that you would like these selected positions to be sold in the next trade window 

You will see a pink tag with “Liquidation Pending” for these unsupported holdings. 

Keep in mind, a liquidation requested from your holdings not in your Pie will execute outside of any order placed within the portfolio tab. Cash generated from a liquidation requested outside your pie will not be taken into account for the calculations of portfolio sells during the same trade window. Negative balances can not be covered by liquidations from holdings outside your Pie. 

Learn more about received securities. 


Slice removal

M1 allows you to remove specific slices or Pies from your portfolio. This occurs when you change the percentage of a slice or Pie to 0% rather than specifying a cash amount for a sell order.  

Learn more about removing a Pie from your portfolio.  

To cancel a slice or Pie removal, you will need to add that slice or Pie back to your portfolio before the next trade window begins. Learn how to edit your portfolio.  

Learn more about how orders work and how M1 fulfills order requests. 

If the trades have already completed, you will see a confirmation under “Removed slices” on the Invest tab. 

Note: removed Slices can also occur if you have Model Portfolios in your account. 

M1 Model Portfolios are a collection of portfolios made up of stocks and ETFs that align with different investment goals ranging from general investing, retirement planning, to responsible investing. 

Our selection model considers the fund's cost, volume, size, and tracking error (how well the fund tracks the benchmark it seeks to replicate). 

When M1 makes an update to a Pie, the changes will automatically be made in your portfolio. 

We do not allow clients to make alterations to Model Portfolios. 

Learn more about Model Portfolios.  


You can see how to edit your Pie through these short how to videos:




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