Where can I track the status of my brokerage account transfer?

For most full accounts transfers using ACATS, you can track the status of your transfer from the home screen of your M1 account on the web or the newest version of the mobile app.  

From the home screen, select “All Activity” and the status of your account transfer will be available under “Pending Brokerage Transfers.” 


To view the details of your account transfer, select “Pending Brokerage Transfers” to open “Account Transfer Details” page. 

What does my account transfer status mean? 

There are 3 possible account transfer statuses 

  • Started - Your account transfer request has been successfully received and we have started working on it. 



  • Pending – Your account transfer request has been submitted to your current brokerage and is currently in progress. 



  • Information needed - We need more information to correctly process your transfer request. We will reach out to you by email within 48 business hours with more details and next steps. 



How long should I expect my account transfer to take? 

After your account transfer has been initiated, it typically takes 5-7 business days to complete, provided that your outside firm supports Automated Customer Account Transfers (ACATs). If your firm does not support ACATs, it may take 30-60 days to complete a transfer. 


Why is my account transfer not displayed under “Pending brokerage Transfers”? 

Account transfer tracking is currently only available on the web or the newest version of the mobile app.

Account transfer tracking is not available for partial transfers, brokerage firms that do not support ACATs, or firms cleared by Apex Clearing to Apex Cleared M1 Invest Accounts*. Our team will provide periodic status updates to you by email for these types of account transfers. 


What happens when my account transfer is received? 

Upon completion of the transfer, you will see all received positions in the holdings outside your Pie. The pending account transfer will no longer display under “Pending brokerage Transfers.” 

You will also receive a confirmation email from our team. You can view more details on the completed account transfer under “Activity” tab within Invest. 

*Examples of brokerage firms that are cleared by Apex Clearing or have Apex Clearing as custodian include but are not limited to Stash, Webull, Ally Invest, Sofi, Stockpile, Firstrade, Public Investing, Tastyworks, Titan and Wealthsimple.



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