How to prepare for my incoming brokerage account transfer 

To ensure your account is set up for the transfer, you may add the stocks and funds you are transferring to your current portfolio. Securities will be displayed outside your Pie upon arrival. 


Adding stocks to your Pie   

Securities (stocks, ETFs) that you are transferring from another brokerage account may be added to the portfolio that you are transferring them into at M1.    

For example, if your current portfolio at brokerage A is:   

  • ABC   
  • XYZ   
  • JFK   

If you set up your M1 portfolio that you are transferring into to include:   

  • ABC   
  • XYZ   

JFK would need to either be added to your Pie or will display outside your pie when the transfer completes. 

The target percentages should be set at the weight that you would like the securities to be at in the future, but they will not impact the value of your incoming transfer.    

For example, if 25% of your portfolio is made up of XYZ and you set up your Pie to be 50% XYZ, the full value of XYZ will be transferred into M1. M1’s algorithm will push XYZ towards that lower percentage allocation of 25% over time.  

Keep in mind that each slice needs to be least 1% target allocation.   

Helpful links for setting up your portfolio:   

Liquidating securities    

Securities you transferred over will be displayed outside your Pie. Here, you may opt to liquidate the received securities instead of adding them to your Pie, if they are eligible to do so. 

A liquidation will result in those selected securities being sold in the next available trade window and the proceeds applied to your cash balance. If auto-invest is on, the funds may be allocated and re-invested into your portfolio. 


Securities that are not supported by M1   

M1 performs in-kind transfers, which transfers accounts as-is. We allow you to keep any supported securities you have at M1. 

Learn more about what securities we support.   

M1 has 6,000+ stocks and ETFs that are listed on NYSE, NASDAQ, and BATS exchanges. When a ticker isn't listed on M1's platform, it is most likely on a different stock market exchange or did not meet our requirements in the past.    

Received securities that are not supported by M1 will be displayed outside your Pie.  

You can put in a request for a ticker to be added to the platform. We will let you know if our Finance team approves your request. If approved, the ticker will be listed within five business days.   


Transferring cash   

If you transferred in cash and do not want it automatically invested, make sure that your Auto-Invest is turned off.    



Will the percentages I set for my holdings affect the value of my transfer?   

The target percentages should be set at the weight that you would like the securities to be at in the future, but they will not impact the value of your incoming transfer. Remember that each Slice needs to be least 1% target allocation.   


Can I change my percentages of my portfolio later?   

You can change the percentages in your portfolio later. This will not trigger any sales unless you delete a Slice or move your allocation below 1%.   


Can you set up my portfolio for me?   

Unfortunately, we can’t set up your portfolio for you. However, we give you all the tools to create your own Pies and add them to your account.   


Does M1 support mutual funds or options?   

Mutual funds and options trading are security types not supported by M1. All securities available to be included in your portfolio must be listed on either the New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ, or BATS.    

If you transferred in mutual funds, they will be liquidated 1-2 business days after arrival and the proceeds will be placed in your cash balance for the next trade window.   

If the mutual fund you are attempting to liquidate is a tender fund, the liquidation request will be submitted on the tender date of your mutual fund holding. Please note, most tender funds only offer pro-rata liquidations, as such, there is the potential that only a portion of your mutual fund position will be liquidated. If you are subject to a pro-rata distribution, your tender mutual fund will be submitted on each of the following tender dates until your position has been fully liquidated.


If you have any other questions about preparing for your transfer, please contact us. 




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